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It,s been a whileeeeee my friends >-< sorry for the long absence-___-...I always disappear!!! O_O,,,
how are you, everybody? I hope the usagi year is being good with you XD
Happy Chinese New Year by the way!!!(*^ω^)ノ∠※PAN!オメデトクラッカー♪
I will write soon again, I must explain a lot...!!!

Mokona and Watanuki

It's been SO LONG! 久し振り ぶりぶり!

Hello everybody!
waaaah..I'ts been too much I don't know what to say >__< I'm so embarrassed! All my friends list: sorry for not checking your sites T__T...I missed fanart, fanfics, graphics and postings from all of you,ごめんね!
I hope all is ok and I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year (the Tiger!!) ^___^ be happy and healthy everybody!
Because of my Health I could not draw so...I post the only sketch I've done on December...
I'm trying to recover but it takes time...

Anyway next time I hope I can post the doujinshi from this cover ^_^,,,

and another one for a friend who likes Gwendal x Yozak pairing :P (sí, me acuerdo!! jeje)

hugs to all!
Akira under the rain

Adiós Tía Paqui

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De tus sobrinos Sixto, Sarah e Yrene con mucho cariño.
Te queremos mucho tía. Ahora estarás con tu madre, lo cual nos alivia en gran manera.
Que el señor os tenga en su gloria, os recordaremos siempre.

Por ti volaré, Andrea Bocelli video by Micro51

Dedicated to my dear auntie Paqui, who always gave so much love and brightness to everybody.
To a wonderful, strong, warm and beautiful woman.

Mokona and Watanuki

Sharing Naruto + Natsume Yuujinchou music ^_^

Hello dear flist!! ^_^
it's been so long...久しぶり だね!元気? あいたかった!...
-___- I'm sorry about my abscence, loving so much being here, with so many cool entries by everyone...This year has become kinda strange!
At first my health was not good at all, but at least I can say that now I recovered quite a lot and I even could go to my sister's, in France, I returned home this week ^_^
I'm still in "missing so much my sis mode" *sigh*
But maybe I will end living in France...
Next time, I will post photos of the stay in Salin de Giraud, Marsella and Aigues Mortes...and the cute things I bought!! XD
買いもの、 買いもの! 今 お金 がたりない。。。

So I wanted to give all of you a little present, music! ^_^
From Naruto Broken Youth by Nico Touched the Walls,and from Natsume Yuujinchou the OP and ED singles, that I adore ^_^
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I love all of you even being so far aways, I met my best friends here :)
I hope all of you are OK, healthy and wealthy, loved and loving!
confused Botan

Xmas post ^^ Happy Bday to me :)

Konnichiwa minna-san! ogenki desuka? ^^
Big hug to all my dear flist! Today is my Bday! wow, another year O_O! times really flies!
It's raining non stop here (Spain) I've caught a cold ^^'' I keep dreaming with Japan and I'm still trying to improve at drawing (give up already you baka kanharu!!) ^__^ but I'm so happy: I met so many good persons online, it's the best feeling, to have so many good friends, from different cultures and places! All of you: thanks for being my friend!
Loona-chan loonalovegood!! thanks for the cuteee present XD vanilla cake! mmm!!! yummy! *nyams* ^_^
And here's the fanart I've been doing lately ^/////^ hazukashii desu!!
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aah...so that's it. Not big thing but I had fun! ^^
Enjoy Xmas!!! and Have a great end of the year party! Rainen mo yoroshikune!! ^_^

ps: OMG! deadlydesire4u is doing a new layout for me! XDXD *HUUUGS* I'm going to cry T_T...so happy..snif...thank you dear ^^